11.x to 11.2 Assign Concept Dictionary Items

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Assigning Concept Dictionary Items follows the same process as mapping Orderable Items to Orderable Concept Items in previous versions. The newest enhancement Allscripts has made is that more than one Orderable Item can be mapped to a signle Orderable Concept.

  • Orderable Concepts are the generic standard names for all orderable items within the TouchWorks system and are defined and delivered by Allscripts.
  • Orderable Items are the items that your organization has loaded based on the varying vendors used for Results interfaces.

Note: A professional familiar with the individual OID items needs to do the mapping. This is typically a person with lab experience.

For the 11.2 Upgrade the only mapping that is required are those being used in CareGuides. If your client is not on CareGuides for the 11.2 Upgrade Go-Live they will need to wait to implement CareGuides until after Go Live.

Any Orderable Items that need to be mapped can be at this time, but it is not required for the upgrade.

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