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CMT Introduction

CMT, also known as Content Management Tool, is used to copy large amounts of content from one environment to another. Generally, CMT is used for moving or deleting Note Templates and moving Noteforms, however it can also be used to copy clinical desktop views, Enterprise Careguides , the OID (Orderable Item Dictionary) and/or the RID (Resultable Item Dictionary). Note that SSMT can also be used to copy data from the OID and/or the RID.


Prerequisites for Using CMT

  • Current version must be installed on source server
  • If moving data, back up the Target DB
  • Clinical Desktop Views, Note Input/Output Templates must be configured on the Source server
  • System Administrator must have appropriate security access to Source and Target databases

General CMT Tips

  • CMT does not "delete" Note Templates or Clinical Desktop views that have been used, but instead inactivates them.
  • Source is the database used to copy from, target is the copy to database
  • CMT will over-write items with the same name that are moved from source to target unless the item is first copied and renamed

CMT Content Categories

CMT Error Messages