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Allscripts Clinical Quality Solution (CQS) Powered by TeamPraxis

CQS completely automates participation in quality data reporting initiatives, (such as PQRI or Medicare HCC), for physicians who document relevant information within Allscripts Enterprise Electronic Health Record (EHR), formerly TouchWorks EHR. Thus, physicians can participate and earn financial rewards automatically by recording information within their EHR.

CQS also uses the information physicians document in Enterprise EHR to display actionable patient information at the point of care. Unlike after-the-fact reports that some physicians may receive, the Allscripts CQS places alerts into the physician’s workflow in Enterprise EHR – such as whether a diabetic patient is overdue for a Hemoglobin A1c test or an at-risk patient is overdue for a flu vaccine.

CQS features a modular framework with add-on content channels capable of supporting multiple payer initiatives, while creating new revenue streams to effectively defray the costs of healthcare IT. Physicians who want to participate in quality reporting and pay-for-performance initiatives but lack the resources now have a tool to effectively automate their participation.