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Question: How are RVU values managed when the organization does not have a dictionary interface with their practice management system?

Answer: Answer Pending

Question: What in an RVU?

Answer: Relative Value Unit – it is the value attached to a single CPT code that derives how much is paid by the insurance. Each insurance contract specifies a dollar amount that will be calculated by that value. For example, a procedure has an RVU of 4.36 and the insurance’s procedure dollar amount is $36 that means the insurance will pay $156.96.

Question: Why is it important to place the procedures in RVU order?

Answer: Insurance contracts are written to typically pay the first procedure at 100% of its value (RVU X $) then 50% for the second procedure and then some contracts even continue the multiple procedure discount to 25% for each procedure thereafter. Therefore you will want your most valuable RVU procedure's listed first.

Question: Where do I see the RVU's and how do I reorder them?

Answer: RVU's are listed next to the description and the up/down arrows can be used to reorder them.


Question: Are the RVU values listed Total or Work?

Answer: Total RVU's; Enterprise does not support Work RVU's at this time.