Dictate Document Set-Up

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V11 Dictate Document and TWWorktype Set-Up

Description This page is designed to walk someone through the build process for V11 Dictate Document Type and TWWorktype set-up.

1. You must first create a unique Document Type for each type of dictation that will be created. In TWAdmin, go to Dictionaries, Document Type.

2. Click the Add button and create your new Document Type by completing all the General Property fields. For Dictated Documents the Note Manifestation is RTF. For this example, let's say we created a Progress Note.

3. Once you have completed the build of all your anticipated Document Types go to the TWWorktype dictionary. Here you will create the Work Types needed for dictation.

4. Click Add, then complete the Code, Name and Mnemonic fields using the exact same information from the Document Type dictionary. So for our example,our Progress Note has the same Code, Name, and Mneumonic in both dictionaries.

5. Complete the Detail 1 box of Document Type, by scrolling down to select the "Progress Note" that was just created in the Document Type dictionary.

6. Click on Sites and complete this box as necessary for multiple sites and click Save.

Your newly created TWWorktypes will now be choices of Active WorkTypes when the user clicks on User Preferences on the Dictate toolbar.