Display Note Icon on Schedule

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Issue: The note icon was inconsistently appearing on the schedule when the same document type was being selected. At the same time, the schedule was not loading properly. The end user was required to change providers on the schedule, then reselect their desired provider in order to get the schedule to load.

Noteworthy: The schedule was not loading on the same provider that the note icons were not appearing for.

Solution: The system had duplicate Document Types.Although the end user felt confident that they were selecting the correct note type, they were in fact not selecting the same document type in the note selector. Once the duplicate document types had the preference setting of "Display Note Icon on Schedule", this resolved the issue. The client ended up going in and making one of the duplicate document types "inactive". This also solved the issue of the schedule not properly loading, which leads to the assumption that there was some kind of document type contention going on that was causing the schedule to not load properly.

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