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Getting started with Wiki

Adding Images and Attachments to Wiki Articles

Wiki Admin Help

  • Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Things you shouldn't do in articles

  • Mention patient or client names
  • Display client connection information or username and password information
  • Post confidential or private information of any type
  • State something negative about another company or person
  • Use inappropriate or vulgar language

Tips on writing articles

  • ALWAYS SEARCH FOR EXISTING ARTICLES ON YOUR TOPIC before creating a new one. Edit the existing article or if appropriate, link off of it. The Goal of the wiki is to have one article on each topic and everyone edits the same article.
  • To learn formatting, it is helpful to find an existing wiki article that has the desired format. Click on the "edit" tab to view formatting styles.
  • Adding Images
Most how-to wiki articles should be structured as a step by step linear process.
When doing this, don’t use a screen shot for every step unless it is warranted. Instead, use screenshots only for steps that require it for clarity (this could be all of them or just a few)
Capture only the context needed for the step, not the whole screen. Include enough context in the shot so that the user does not get lost.
Reduce the screenshots by 75% before uploading. (they will still be easy to read)
This will ensure that multiple steps are visible on the screen at the same time which is easier to follow than 1 at a time.
  • Write in the style of a manual
  • Use an imperative voice, instead of first or second person
ex. Use: "Check the box 'my data has headers'" not: "You will need to check the box 'my data has headers'"
First or second person point of view narrative examples to avoid are I, my, we, and you
  • Include Version information on each article. Cut and paste the information below into the top of your article and update it as you edit.
==Version Information==
*[[Article Creation|Article Created based on version]]: 11.1.4 HF #4
*[[Article Last Update|Last Updated with version]]:
  • We have enabled drag and drop functionality for adding images and files to wiki articles. Here is a link to an article showing an alternative method Adding Images and Attachments to Wiki Articles
  • Note when using the drag and drop method to import images they will automatically be scaled to 400PX. Within the tag either remove the 400PX or scale it down so the image is appropriately sized.
  • When adding links to Galen pages located outside of the wiki make sure you title the link appropriately, do not create a link using text like this: "Click Here" to read more. This makes it more difficult for that page to be found in search engines and by using text that relates to the page you are linking to will increase that pages relevance in search engines.

Galen Public Wiki Priorities