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Note forms allow users to enter structured data into a note template. Note forms can live under different sections of the note templates. They consist of Medcin and text findings with display options of +/-, Y/N, checkbox and radio buttons. They can also consist of text, illustrations and text templates.

Forms can be managed via three methods:

1. Use what Allscripts delivers
2. Modify the delivered versions (remember to ALWAYS copy and rename first)
3. Build from scratch. If building from scratch it is very important to understand that there are a lot of moving pieces that pertain to building note forms. For this reason it is best to have a seasoned expert building forms and/or to have advanced note training to understand how theses parts work together as a whole.

Within the note admin workspace > forms, there are five actionable buttons to help with noteform development. Those buttons are as follows:

  • New - Allows for the creation of brand new note forms
  • Edit - Allows users to edit existing note forms
  • Copy - Allows users to copy a note form for the purpose of making changes to the copied version
  • Properties - Allows users to modified the details of the note form such as name, specialty assignment, use of "all normal" etc...
  • Publish - Makes the edited note forms available to the end user. Any note form with three asterisks next to the name is in an unpublished state and is not visible to the end user