Patient Merge or Bridge Individual Log-ins

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This page contains instructions on how to make individual log-ins for users for Patient Merge or Bridge. This is if your organization does not want to utilize shared log-ins for these applications. FOR EXPERIENCED DBAs ONLY!!!!! Use at your own risk! Please contact a member of the Galen Technical Services team if you require assistance.


Individual User Log-ins

  1. Ensure user is a valid user in SQL.
    1. Log into SQL management studio.
    2. Look for user in Logins.
    3. If they are not there, you must create a new user.
    4. Log-in name should match the EEHR log-in name exactly.
    5. Use SQL authentication for password.
    6. Create password.
    7. Uncheck enforce password policy.
    8. Set default database to Works.
    9. On user mappings page, check Map for the following DBs: IDXwf, Impact, master, Works.
      1. Ensure the Default Schema for each is dbo.
      2. Click the IDXwf database, and in the lower pane, check db_owner and public.
      3. Click the Impact database, and in the lower pane, check db_owner and public.
      4. Click the master database, and in the lower pane, check IDXUsers and public.
      5. Click the Works database, and in the lower pane, check idxusers and public.
    10. Save your changes.
  2. Test it out.
  • If the user receives a log-in error when attempting to log in to the utility, modify their DB user password to match their EEHR log-in. Also ensure that the log-in exists in the master DB IDX_Login table.


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