Q: Set default performing location for in-house labs

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When performing in-house labs, the user is required to choose the performing location on both the Order Entry and Results tabs.

The default for To Be Performed on the Order Entry tab can be set via SSMT to default to an active entry in the Requested Performing Location dictionary

UA Dip Order Entry tab.jpg

The default Performing Location on the Results tab can be set via the Where Performed Dictionary:

UA Dip Results tab.jpg

Access the Where Performed dictionary via TWAdmin. Find the Where Performed entry you want to set as the default for a Requested Performing Location entry. Scroll down to see the Requested Performing Location field. The dropdown displays the active entries in the Requested Performing Location dictionary. This field allows the admin to choose a Requested Performing Location for the Where Performed entry so that when the end user chooses the Requested Performing Location the Where Performed is automatically populated.

Default Req Perf loc for Result tab.jpg