Q: What is the difference between the different HMP actions?

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When a provider selects Defer there is an option to select temporary or permanent deferral:

  • Temporary Deferral Leaves the order reminder on the patient's Health Management Plan and allows the provider to change the date
  • Permanent Deferral Removes the order reminder from the patient's Health Management Plan
  • Preferences can be set to prompt or require a reason for either or both deferral actions

To automatically get an order out of a deferral status:

  • When a user sets a deferral for x number of days, the order will return to an Active status automatically

To manually get an order out of a deferral status:

  • Right click on the word "deferred" on the HMP line item for that order and select "Stop Deferral". This will return the status to Active.

NOTE: If a user changed the status to Deferred from any other component or ACI, the user can only manually change the status back to Active by going to the HMP and following the step above.

Actions with Similar Effects

Permanent Deferral, D/C (discontinue), EIE (entered in error), and Complete have the same functional effects but the reason for the action is different

Order Reminder Actions:

  • Defer (with permanent selected) Permanently defers the item and allows provider to record the reason
  • Complete Indicates that this order reminder is completed (for example, provider wanted to check the Hematocrit 5 times, and the 5 times are completed)
  • D/C (Discontinue) Indicates provider wants to discontinue this order reminder, even though it is not yet complete
  • EIE (Entered in Error) Indicates that this reminder was entered in error. For example, provider entered it on the wrong patient

All four actions have these same effects:

  • Remove the schedule display in the row header and any due indications in the Next column and any Overdue or Near Due indications.
  • Remove the row if there are no result entries or to be done dates in any columns and the orderable item is not part of a flow sheet definition linked to the problem.
  • Remove the Problem Header if the row is removed and there are no other rows displayed beneath the problem.
  • Remove the order reminder schedule from the HMP but keep the orderable item on the HMP if there is at least one instance of a result or order for that orderable item linked to the displayed problem.

Order Reminder Actions for Orderable items that do not require a result

These actions are only available for orderable items that do not require a result

  • Done Creates an order for the item if one does not exist and completes the order with 'Record w/o ordering' checked. Displays today's date in the Most Recent column followed by the literal text 'Completed.' Recalculates the next due date and displays it in the To Do column
  • Done… Same as “Done” except the Order Detail page displays, allowing you to set the date the item was done