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Naming Conventions

I would like to propose some naming conventions for Wiki Articles that might help clients find what they are looking for and to add some is the few I have thought of:

Touchworks discussion:

if it is specific to a certain version, start your article with V11 or V10 ex. V11 Clinical Desktop Configuration

if it is an article about an Error, it would be helpful to have a consistent naming convention like Error: _error message received_

if it is an answer to a question, maybe use the question as the title for the article and then we can have a menu of questions

if your article relates to Touchworks PM, then use PM in the title in order to differentiate it from Touchworks EHR

the search tool and all pages are great resources, but as the wiki grows, we're going to need to have meaningful groupings and menus for folks to navigate through

Any thoughts?

--Max 09:52, 8 May 2008 (PDT)