"Organizational Message" on the login page

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To edit the organizational news message login using TWAdmin and navigate to:

-> PHB Comp Admin on the vertical toolbar.

-> Search for ID "SiteLoginLinks" with the Caption "Organization News."

-> Go to the Details tab and change the Value to what you want displayed.

-> Note: The value field is split into two sections. The first contains the caption name, the name that is viewable on the login screen. The second contains the URL. A pipe divides these sections. A pipe can be inserted by holding shift and clicking the '\' button above 'Enter'. A pipe must dived the caption and the URL for the link to twork. It is easiest to modify the existing links if you have any or you can simply follow the format below: "Galen Healthcare Solutions Website|http:www.galenhealthcare.com"

-> Click save and refresh page.