-178: External Visit Number is invalid. Please Submit a Webfirst Ticket.

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This occurs when existing clinical data are found (e.g. Results on FileResult_CMS) and the visit that's looked up during the filing of the clinical data does not match the visit associated to the existing clinical data.

Common Scenario

The Visit Number used is the Accession Number, plus the year of the results (based on date sent). If results are sent over as preliminary on Dec 29 and the final results come over on Jan 5. The year would be different, creating a different Visit Number (VisitNumberEXT).

Base Stored Procedure



Ensure the Visit Number that's sent in through the interface will not differ when the same clinical data (e.g. results) are sent in.

  • Work around: Invalidate the current Results, then re-file the updates results that had erred in ConnectR.