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How to set System Preferences

In the TWAdmin workspace, navigate to preferences on the VTB. Form this location you are able to edit preferences at the Enterprise, Organizational or User level and determine if users will be able to override certain preferences on the front end.


Setting Preferences at an Enterprise Level

To set preferences for all users in a system, and to establish which preferences users have the ability to personalize, the administrator will set these preferences at an Enterprise level.

In order to set preferences from at the Enterprise level, navigate to the TWAdmin workspace and select preferences from the Vertical Toolbar. For this Example we are going to change how a user’s favorites are populated, and the type of units of measure to use when recording vitals.

The preferences for populating favorites and seeing a patient picture are both located under general settings. So select general from the dropdown menu, and double check that Enterprise is selected in the second dropdown menu.


For this example, we want to set the preference of Adding favorites automatically, so that when providers make selections those selections will automatically populate their favorites list. In order to do this we

  • highlight the “Add Favorites Automatically” line
  • click on the cell that displays value
  • change the Value to Y
  • we want the user to be able to change this, so we will keep the user can override button checked.


  • Then click save in the lower right hand corner of the screen


To change the measuring units used in Vitals, we need to navigate to the results preferences, by selecting results from the dropdown menu.


  • double check that Enterprise is still selected for the type of settings.
  • select the row “HMP Vitals Units”
  • click on the cell under the header “Value”
  • Select Metric units
  • unclick the checkbox at the end.


  • Now all measurements in Vitals will be recorded in Metric units, and this cannot be overridden by a user.

How a User can set their own Personal Preferences

Preference List and descriptions

Preference List and descriptions are described in detail in this link