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==11.2 Build Tasks==
==11.2 Build Tasks==
*Review current enterprise task views
*Review current enterprise task views
*Review Users assigned these task views
*Review Users assigned these task views

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Tasks are used as a reminder or request from either a user or the system. They are a means of communicating between staff members to complete a round trip workflow. Most patient actions will trigger a task. Allscripts recommends creating task views at the enterprise level for the 11.2 Upgrade rather than at the personal level.

11.2 Build Tasks

  • Review current enterprise task views
  • Review Users assigned these task views
  • Add any new 11.2 tasks to views that are applicable

Note: It is recommended to add new tasks to existing task views rather than create new views

  • If necessary create new task views and assign these to users

Note: Regardless, new tasks will need to be worked in a task view for users to complete workflows

To Edit or Create Enterprise Task Views

  1. Log into TWAdmin
  2. Navigate to the Task Admin VTB
  3. Select the view the 11.2 Task is being added to
  4. Follow the steps from 11.1.x to add tasks
  5. Create Task View by clicking New
    1. Enter Name
    2. Fill in description
    3. Click Save
    Enterprise task view2.jpg

Follow the steps from 11.1.x to add tasks to views: Create Task Views