11.x to 11.2 Appointment Types

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For the 11.2 Upgrade, some Appointment Types may need to be flagged as Transition of Care (TOC). Transition of Care implies that a patient is moving from one provider or clinic to another within the organization (i.e. hematologist to oncologist). Meaningful Use requires EHRs to be able to provide summary information for transition of care referrals. Allscripts 11.2 enables appointment types and non-appointment encounters to be flagged as “Transition of Care” encounters. If an encounter is not flagged and needs to be this can be done form the Encounter Summary, Daily Schedule, or the Provider Schedule.

11.2 Build Task

  • Review Appointment Types and flag those appropriate as Transition of Care. This task can be done either manually for via SSMT.

Note: Remember to use the 80/20 rule. If the appointment type is a transition of care at least 80% of the time it should be flagged. Users can always override this flag.

To Manually Flag an Appointment as a TOC

1. Log into TWAdmin

2. Navigate to Dictionaries

3. Select Appointment Types from the drop down picklist

4. Select the appointment type you want to make a Transition of Care by clicking on it from the list

5. In Details I check the box transition of care

Appointment type flagg.jpg

6. Click Save

To Flag an Appointment as TOC

  • Appointments can be flagged as Transition of Care from either the Provider or Daily Schedule. Next to the appoinment is a column labelled TC. By checking this box the appointment will be made Transition of Care and appear in Stimulus Reports and on Encounter Summaries.

Transition of care2.jpg

Note: In order to have the TC column in the provider schedule you must set the preference.

1. In the upper right hand corner click the Personalize Icon.

2. Check the box "Show Transition of Care Column"

Transition of care3.jpg

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