11.x to 11.2 Chart Views to Users

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  1. Chart views organize the items the user sees in the Chart component of the clinical desktop.
  2. The System comes with 12 predefined Enterprise views.
  3. Additional Enterprise views can be created and assigned to multiple users.
  4. One or more personal views can be created for each individual user.
  5. Views are assigned to the user on the Manage Personal Views tab.
  6. The user can access their assigned views via a dropdown in the Chart component of the clinical desktop
  • The task is to review the current chart views and decide if any changes need to be made for the new 11.2 workflows.

Questions To Ask

  1.Are there chart views that are affected by the new certified workflows?  
  2.Is there a better way to organize the current chart views for ease of use and filtering?
  • If the decision is to make new chart views, create these and assign them to current users. This process is the same for the 11.2 Upgrade as it was the Version 10 to 11.1.7 Upgrade: Chart Views and Assign to Roles

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