11.x to 11.2 Define New Task Teams

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For larger organizations and ease of use, many clients choose to create task teams to avoid assigning tasks individually. This is done by creating a false user (i.e. NWH Cardiology, Front Desk) in place of the team name. Users would then search User Favorites rather than searching through the entire list of teams. However, this is recommended for central teams that are used throughout the system (i.e. Medical Records or Billing) otherwise it’s much better to use the user concept and define a naming convention that is consistent and easy to train users on how to search for their specific teams.

11.2 Build Task:

Review your current task teams and determine if any new teams need to be created to accommodate workflows and ease of use.

Modify task teams to represent these changes.

Note: If no changes are made this line can be marked as Not Applicable.

More on How To Create Task Teams: Create Teams As Users and click the link

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