11.x to 11.2 Determine if Personal Task Views will be used

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Allscripts recommends tasks to be created at the enterprise level. This is helpful when adjusting task views and to create the standardization that makes for a successful Go-Live. Maintaining personal task views and correcting tickets can become complicated when using personalized task views. However, if your organization is doing this the new 11.2 tasks need to be added to the appropriate task views

For a full list of tasks: V11 Task Names

Personal task views1.jpg

Note: All changes made to task views needs to be addressed during training

11.2 Build Tasks

Review current task views and determine if you will assign them at a user level. Again, this is not the recommendation from Allscripts.

To assign task views to users follow the same instructions from Create Task Views

From Task Admin make sure the Personal View Tab is opened

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