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Document Types are a way to classify notes and their behavior throughout the life cycle of the document. Document types are required when a document is created. Document type is referenced any time a document is being displayed. This helps end users search, view, and understand the content of documents in patient charts. Meaningful Use Criteria defined by the EHR Stimulus Incentive states that EHR applications will need to record Clinical Summary Records for at least 50% of all patients seen in a given organization. In order to meet this requirement Allscripts enables end users to provide their patients with Clinical Summaries upon request.

For a detailed summary of Document Types go to MyAllscripts and search for KB Article #461

Documents within Allscripts EHR are classified according to:

  1. Content (by name which will describe the content)
  2. General Behavior (pre-set preferences and securities will guide the document behavior)
  3. Module/Object Behavior (unstructured verses structured note, note form, etc.)

Note: Preferences are tied to some functionality of Clinical Summary (page 7 in KB Article 461)

11.2 Build Task

  • Flag V10 Note or V11 Note document types as Clinical Summary.

NOTE: If no V10 notes or V11 notes are flagged as Clinical Summaries, then a CED/RTF will be generated.

How to Flag Note as a Clinical Summary:

1. Log into TWAdmin

2. Navigate to Dictionaries in the VTB

3. Select Document Type from the drop down picklist

4. In the grid select the note you want to mark as a Clinical Summary


5. Go to the General Properties II section

6. Check the Clinical Summary Box

Clinical summary2.jpg

7. When finished Click Save.

Note: If organization wants providers to have the Clinical Summary done before finalizing the note they will need to set the preference AllowClinicalSummaryWhenNoteUnfinal in the General Preferences to Y.

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