11.x to 11.2 Incorporate new 11.2 Tasks

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The 11.2 upgrade has new tasks associated with configuration and the Stimulus Set. Tasks are either system generated or user generated and this is described by whether or not the task is delegated.

  • Delegated Tasks: Tasks that are delegated ("Yes" in the delegated column) need to be assigned to Task Views if applicable.
  • Non-Delegated Tasks: Tasks that are non-delegated ("No" in the delegated column) are generated by the system and will be sent to the "My Active" Task View. These tasks DO NOT need to be assigned unless a special Task View is created for these tasks.

Click here for a Complete List of Tasks: V11 Task Names which includes the following information:

  • Task Type
  • Module
  • Created By
  • When it Occurs
  • The Task Action
  • Assigned to
  • How it is Resolved

Last updated 2/14/2011

11.2 Build Workbook Tasks:

1. Review and update the new 11.2 tasks from KB Articles: Task Management (#3415), Task Definition Table (#3350), and System Administration Training Manual (#4599, pg. 62).

2. Delegate new 11.2 Task appropriately and inactive any task no longer being used.

Tasks Associated with Stimulus Set Package

  1. Population Health Management: Mail Patient Communication and Phone Patient Communication Tasks 
  2. eReferrals: Referral Request, Referral Response, and Patient Merge Tasks 
  3. Lock Order Requisitions Tasks
  4. Immunization Documentation and Med Admin Documentation Tasks
  5. Initiate Integration: Unlinked Patient and Unlinked Patient Reminder Tasks

How to Create Task Views: Create Task Views

Note: Task Views are recommeneded to be created at the Enterprise Level

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