11.x to 11.2 Modify Clinical Desktops

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Clinical Desktop View Changes from V11.X to V11.2.

Several new filtering options have been added to the Meds/Orders Component of the Clinical Desktop Views. Those additions are as follows:

  • The Default View can now be sorted by "None", "Provider" and "Encounter", in addition to "Alpha", "Problem", "Status" and "Type"
  • The Default View can now also be sorted by "Alpha", "Date (ascending)" and "Date (descending)"


  • "All Meds" is now an option
  • "Cur Enc - Meds/Orders" is now an option
  • "Cur Enc - Medications" is now an option
  • "Cur Enc - Orders" is now an option


To learn how to configure the Clinical Desktops click here[[1]]

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