11.x to 11.2 OID - Referral Orders

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For the 11.2 Upgrade all appropriate referrals need to have MU Clinical Summary added to it. Any additional information for referrals is added here as well. Once added these will be required fields when ordering a referral.

To add Additional Information Questions to OID

1. Log into TWAdmin

2. Navigate to Dictionaries in the VTB

3. Select Orderable Item from the drop down picklist

4. Select the Referral you want to add additional information questions to be asked prior to sending a referral

OID referral1.jpg

5. Navigate to the Instruction Section

6. Click the Additional Information Questions Hyperlink

OID referral2.jpg

7. Add Additional Information Questions dialog box will populate

OID referral3.jpg

8. Select the Additional Questions needed to be added to the Referral

9. Use the arrows to add and remove questions from the referral

10. Click OK when finished

NOTE: When ordering a referral from within the ACI these additional questions will appear in the Clinical Questions Section and will be required in order to save and send the referral

OID referral4.jpg

NOTE: These additional questions appear in the OID – Additional Information SSMT load

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