11.x to 11.2 System Level Preferences

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System Level Preferences:

System level preferences generally are not changed and it is at this point of your upgrade that you need to ask yourself if there are any changes needed based on the new v11.2 workflows. If there are no changes needed, then this line of the Build Workbook can be marked as non-applicable. If there are indeed changes that need to be made, you can go forth with the changes and note them as items that can be configured in SSMT during Go-Live Weekend.

System-level Admin preferences are accessed from the Admin workspace in Allscripts Enterprise EHR.

Best practice: Do not click Preferences on the vertical toolbar of the Admin workspace to access preferences. Instead, access through Systems.

1. From the workspace drop-down list, select Admin.

2. On the vertical toolbar, click Systems.

3. Click the Preferences tab. The Select System page displays.

4. Click the System ID to select a system. The System Preferences page displays.

5. Change the values for the preferences you want to set. If a selection is not made for a preference for this system, the application uses the framework-level setting for the preference.

6. Click Save.

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