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==Method 2- Using DemoBlaster==
==Method 2- Using DemoBlaster==
Note: DemoBlaster does not work in TW v11.0.X, it has been fixed as of v11.1.x
Note: [[DemoBlaster]] does not work in TW v11.0.X, it has been fixed as of v11.1.x
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'''Step three'''- select [[DemoBlaster]] on the VTB on the left.  
'''Step three'''- select DemoBlaster on the VTB on the left.  

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There are a couple ways this can be accomplished...

Method 1- via SQL Script

Step one- obtain "AppointmentGenerator.sql" script file

Step two- on Database server launch SQL Server Management Studio

  • Located: Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2005 > SQL Server Management Studio

Step three- enter the Login and Password if necessary.

  • IMPORTANT: Make sure you have the correct TEST server selected in Server name drop down!


Step Four- click on "New Query". This will open a blank window on the right side of the Management Studio.


Step five- change the database to "Works" in the dropdown


Step six- open "AppointmentGenerator.sql" in a text editor, such as Wordpad

  • Select all text (cntrl-A) and copy (cntrl-C)

Step seven- Paste (cntrl-V) this text into the window created by the "New Query" button


Step eight- scroll to the following section in the script


Step nine- modify the four red fields by doing the following. Keep the apostrophes (')around the data you enter.

  • @MyMRN- insert the MRN of a known patient in the test system.
    • note: make sure the MRN is correct. It can be copied and pasted from the Patient Banner into SQL if desired
  • @MyUser- insert the user name of a known provider in the test system, ie. jmedici
  • @myHour- enter the time for the appointment
  • @MyStartDate- Enter the date for the appointment
  • @NumberofAppointments- enter how many days the appointment should repeat for, if desired

Step ten- press the execute button


If it worked you will see the following message at the bottom of the window and your appointment will have been created.


Method 2- Using DemoBlaster

Note: DemoBlaster does not work in TW v11.0.X, it has been fixed as of v11.1.x

Step one- Login with TWAdmin

Step two- Select TW Setup from the dropdown


Step three- select DemoBlaster on the VTB on the left.

Here's what DemoBlaster looks like


Step four- select the provider you wish to use from the "Target Provider" dropdown menu

Step five- Select a "Target Date"

  • to create a repeating appointment, select "file for target date plus" and enter how many days you wish it to repeat

Step five- Click on "New Appt..." in the DemoBlaster window


Step six- enter the desired information and click ok when finished

  • Status- not necessary unless a certain status is required
  • Time - required
  • Select Patient- use any patient desired
  • Type- optional
  • Duration- optional

Step seven- click ok in the DemoBlaster window to commit the appointment