Adding an external website link into Allscripts TouchWorks

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To add a website link, so that the web page can be opened in TouchWorks, please follow the steps provided in the video below.


  1. Login as TWAdmin
  2. Navigate to Admin Workspace, Click on Documents and select the New option.
  3. Select Centricity Framework as the product and TouchWorks as the application.
  4. Enter the name of the website in the Caption and the ID section.
  5. Select the Type as Workspace page.
  6. Enter the Website URL in the URL section, click save and the Document will be created.
  7. Navigate to Menus and click Edit.
  8. Search and select the desired VTB/HTB where you want to place the link. Example- Tw_residentVTB, TW_providerchartHTB, TW_midlevelprovVTB etc.
  9. Click the Menu Items tab, hit add and then click on .....
  10. Enter the name of the website in the caption and search for the document that you have created in step 6
  11. Select the document and click save.
  12. Log off and Login
  13. Select the VTB/HTB where you have added the website link. Once you click on the website name, the website will open in TWEHR.

If you need the web page open in a new IE session after clicking on the menu item, please see the steps below:

  • Login as TWAdmin and navigate to the Admin Workspace
  • Click on Scripts and select the New tab
  • Select Centricity Framework as the product and TouchWorks as the application
  • Enter the ID and Caption e.g., Test123
  • Enter the Code in the following format: of the webpage) e.g.,"")
  • Use quotes around the url**
  • Click Save.
  • In order to add the Script as a menu item, please follow steps 7 to 11 as mentioned earlier (Only difference being that you will be adding a script and not a document)
  • After you log out and log in, please click on the menu item and the web page will launched in a new IE session.