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Several Note Preferences must be set according to both the V11 Note functionality and your organizations workflows. The task here is to set the Note Preferences with the options that best suit for your organization. To help you to understand each Preference, please see the Note Section of the .net Preferences wiki article.TW_.NET_Preferences#Note_Preferences

When adjusting the Note Preferences at the enterprise level pay special attention to the ones that "allow user override" and determine at this point if you want to give them that authority or not. Also note that these preferences may be changed upon demand and within seconds if necessary.

Performing this Task

Login to your V11 Test Environment as TWAdmin and pull up the Preferences window, using the .net Preferences Note definitions found in the wiki article set the Enterprise level Note Preferences according to your organizations workflows.


As always, please test your new settings in a workflow before confirming this task complete.

User Education

Before rolling out v11 Note make sure to educate the end users on how to personalize their Note Preferences if you allowed them to override settings.

Prepare to load into Live

You can use either TWAdmin or SSMT to load the Note Preferences into Live when the time comes. If you do plan on using SSMT, make sure you extract the TW .NET Preferences Content Category from V11 Test just before going Live. The recommendation is to perform the task using TWAdmin. It's very fast and efficient.