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Version 1 was released in the Spring of 2014 and could be considered the next step between a V10 note and a V11 note. Significant features of Allscripts Clinical Note (ACN) include:

  • The ability to free text in any note section. Consideration should be given to how much AND what is acceptable/not acceptable, particularly as it relates to Meaningful Use requirements.
  • The ability to edit/view text templates from within the note authoring workspace
  • The ability to use macros

Note that ACN uses the SAME text templates and Medcin templates (M-Templates) as V10 notes so any changes to either will impact both note types. ACN document types do however have their own manifestation of "Allscripts Clinical".

Some benefits of using ACN:

  • Use for specialties who are macro heavy (e.g. Genetics)
  • Use for anyone still on V10 who is not yet ready to move to the highly structured V11 note


Keyboard Shortcuts

1. CTRL + T – when used after highlighting free text, will create a new macro of the text
2. ALT + T – apply all templates. Referring to applying all text templates to the ACN.
3. ALT + J – takes you to the “more actions” menu
4. ALT + S – Opens the sign note dialogue window
5. ALT+ L – Invalidates the whole note and is only available after the note has been saved.
6. ALT+ U – Security
7. ALT+ / - Opens the E/M coder
8. ALT+ C – Cancels the last change made to the current note
9. ALT+ P – Allows for printing current note

Build an Allscripts Clinical Note