Allscripts Enterprise EHR - Basic Order/Results

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Webcast Details

This webinar was done May 24th, 2013 by Tony Yelacic and Mary Larson. It covered the basics of creating Orders and Results within the Allscripts Enterprise EHR.

Presentation materials

Presentation slides

Questions & Answers from the Webcast

Q: If I need to create an order that will be used for documentation puposes only, there is no result or charge for it so, is the set up the same?

A: Yes, the basic set up will be the same. However, there are sections in the set up that can be left blank. Those sections are: Results, Charge/MN, Specimen, Performing and Order Mapping. It is important to note that the Behavior section offers a check box to "Automatically Complete Upon the Order Becoming Active" found within that section. That needs to be considered in your build/workflow. The remaining sections should be carefully tested as they maybe important factors in meeting the order objective. Keep in mind each new orderable item needs to be properly classify within the OID dictionary hierarchy.