Allscripts Enterprise EHR V11 Gotchas

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Have you been working in v11 and something that should be working just isn't. You've setup your Chart Alert dictionary, but you can't add or view chart alerts? You just need to setup the use to have the two Chart-Alert security codes. The Patient Location list in the Clinical Desktop doesn't show anything even after you've loaded the Patient Location dictionary? Well, that's the wrong dictionary - it's Site Location. As you find these gotchas, please add them to the bottom of the page.

Patient Loc - Clinical Desktop

Patient Loc is populated by the Site Location dictionary for the particular site. You'll need to add entries to the Site Location dictionary and assign the Site Location to the appropriate Sites. Log out and log back in, and you'll see the Patient Loc menu have items in it.

Status - Clinical Desktop

The Status on the clinical desktop is found in the Encounter Status dictionary. Like Site Location, you will need to setup each Encounter Status entry to be linked to the sites in which you'd like to see the particular status. The Status appears to only show when you have an arrived appointment (from today or any date) in context.

Chart Alerts

Chart alerts are found in the Chart Alert dictionary. You also need the correct security codes to view the Chart Alerts: Chart-Alert-View to see Chart Alerts and Chart-Alert-Edit to add and remove chart alerts from patient charts.