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This page is intended to detail the step-by-step configuration process for a v11 Provider-specific Results Verification Worklist.


1. First, this is currently not performed on the "back-end" or through a TWAdmin function. This is completed by the end-user who must have the "Worklist View Admin" Security Classification.

2. From within the application, go to the Tasks VTB, click on Worklist from the HTB.

3. On the Clinical Desktop, go to the Patient Worklist component and click the Edit View icon. (this is the toolbar that contains the dropdown list of the various worklists that come delivered with the product, the filter, a refresh button, and this Edit View icon).

4. This will open up to the Worklist View Editor window. From here you click on the Enterprise radio button. Click New, to begin building a new worklist view.

5. A view name box will appear where you type the name you choose for this view. Consider the name "My Verify Results", because this will be linked to the currently logged in user. The currently logged in user will only see those Results that were tasked to them personally for verification in this particular build.

6. After clicking OK in the view name box, the Worklist View Editor box will display where the build is completed.

7. Complete the Description box

8. Make sure that the box that reads "Default to Expand All in Patient Centric Mode" is checked.

9. You will now need to further filter this view by choosing tabs in the middle section of the screen. For the purpose of this Provider Specific Results Verification view, you will need to choose:

Order Status Reason...scroll down and put a check in the "Requires Verification" box. then choose another filter Ordering Provider and check the box on the bottom left that reads "Current Provider"

Click Apply and OK

10. You will now need to assign this to each Provider who will need this view and make it their default.

11. Once again, Click on the Edit View icon

12. Click Manage Personal...scroll down and choose the on the newly created "My Verify Results" view that displays in the lower half of the screen under Enterprise views and click Add to my Views. (Works like Task Views in Task Admin)

13. From here you can further manage this users views and default view.

This can be the Provider's default view or the only view if there is no reason for them to see the other delivered Worklists of Order, etc. until such time as the provider is LIVE with those modules. In this example, this will be the providers only view as they are not live with Order at this point. Later, when they are live, the addition of another view that might read "Orders Requiring Authorization" will be beneficial, or perhaps a worklist that includes both items by choosing those filters when creating the worklist.