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The Allscripts Referral Network (ARN) allows providers to send, receive, and track the status of patient referrals electronically through the Allscripts EHR. Both providers must have ARN functionality in order to complete the full “round trip” work flow. Hypothetically, this means a provider in Boston with ARN could potentially refer a patient to a provider in California with ARN. Therefore, correct data such as zip code, location, first and last name and city are all important to have when using this functionality. The ARN replaces the print/fax/scan process for referrals. The ARN automatically updates referrals, sends tasks (between both providers), and matches patients without needing to share charts through a secure process (the provider must have first and last name, DOB, gender, and zip code of patient in the chart otherwise an alert will appear and the referral will not send).

A client can receive ARN access through a few avenues:

  1. Upgrade to the Stimulus Set, a stimulus-ready purchase of either Allscripts Enterprise EHR or Allscripts Professional EHR
  2. Care Management Referral Management Network or
  3. Allscripts Community Exchange.

ARN fulfills Meaningful Use criteria by:

  1. tracking each outbound referral shows that providers are sharing confidential patient information per patient consent
  2. capturing and storing patient data (I.e. name, MRN, and DOB), user identifying data, acknowledgement of electronic referral, name of the person who received the PHI, brief description of the PHI, date and time of referral, and purpose of referral
  3. capturing answers to whether a summary of care (HYPERLINK)record was provided.

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