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This article shows where to find V11 education material and other SA resources on the Allscripts Client KB.
Some of this material can also be used or adapted for end-user training but to see where to find the materials designed specifically for end-user training as described in your v11 upgrade contract click here: End User Training

Log in to the Allscripts Client KB
Client KB.jpg
If you do not already know how to access the Allscripts Client KB contact the Galen team or your Allscripts Account Manager.

This will bring you to the Client KB Homepage

Client KB Homepage.jpg

Here you can find:

  • Client HOT Topics
  • Client Self Study Series
  • Client Education Class Prerequisites
  • ADBR (Application Design and Behavior Resource)
  • Enterprise EHR v11 Resources

Client HOT Topics


In this section you will find Web Casts on the following Topics

  • Intro to v11.1.X
  • Certified Workflows
  • Note Build Strategy
  • Tech Prep, Interfaces and Performance
  • Building Flowsheets
  • Vital Signs Configuration
  • v11.1.1 Highlights
  • Configuring Worklist Views
  • iHealth

Client Self Study Series


This section contains more webcasts that cover such topics as:

  • v11 Navigation
  • Upgrade Basics
  • CareGuide review and editing
  • Favorites
  • Note Forms
  • System Maintenance
  • Vital Signs Config
  • Interfaces
  • Configuring Clinical Desktops
  • Order and Result usage

ADBR (Application Design and Behavior Resource)


If you download the ADBR and it does not work follow these instructions: Windows Vista CHM Issue

Be sure to download this tool and distribute to all people who will be configuring and testing the v11 system. For more info on this tool, see ADBR.

Enterprise EHR v11 Resources

Click on the link "Enterprise EHR v11 Resources" Some of this information is also available via Support Force.

Client KB Enterprise EHR Resources.jpg

Here you can find:

  • The AHS Certified Workflows for use with v11
  • Technical Documentation, such as interface changes
  • Information regarding the clinical content changes (Noteforms, Care Guides, etc.)
  • Known and Fixed issues lists
  • Release notes and System Admin manuals
  • System Environment Specifications (SES) documents
  • Workflow Practice Exercises
  • Systems Maintenance Documents

AHS Certified Workflows for use with v11

Allscripts has recently published new certified v11.1.7 workflows on their website. The only workflows that have changes are R3 and R5.

Client KB Certified Workflows.jpg

Other Allscripts Resources

Resource Location
Allscripts Knowledge Base Document Map KB# 4689 Read this first to become familiar with the Allscripts v11 resources available
System Administration Manual KB# 4599
Specialty Favorites for review Not available on KB, available only from your Upgrade Consultant
CareGuides Review and Activation Process see V11 Resources Page
TWSmokeTest_V11.1.xls Not available on KB, available only from your Upgrade Consultant

Recorded Webcasts

End User Training