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Simple Technique

A 'virtual' print server is the concept of defining 1 or many print servers in TWAdmin-> Printers-> Print Servers. The concept is the you selectively activate specific printers per a given print server in an effort ot help users quickly identify the printer that they are looking for.

Enterprise Application

In a multi-site enterprise application a 'virtual' print server can be useful when setting up printers per site. That is, for a give 'Site A' you would create a new print server in TWAdmin->Print Servers and configure that print server selectively with only the printers locate at 'Site A'. The users at this 'Site A' will then be required to select their default print server the first time they print a document and will be given a very narrow list of only their own printers where as if there was one and only one print server for all sites the list of printers would be huge making it very difficult and time consuming for user to select the proper printer.