Antivirus Exclusions

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Antivirus software installed on Enterprise EHR servers can have a negative impact on server performance, and must be configured with the proper exclusions (file locations not to perform virus scanning on).

Target Audience: Systems and Network Administrators of Enterprise EHR servers


These are exclusions recommended by Microsoft for SQL Server, as well as exclusions recommended by us for the Allscripts and IDX Systems Corporation program directories on all EHR servers. This includes scheduled scans during business hours as well as "on-access" scanning exclusions.

Please find below Microsoft's recommendations for locations to not have virus scans during office hours as it may affect the performance of the Allscripts Enterprise EHR application.

Server Roles

Database Server

  • SQL data files
  • SQL log files
  • SQL Backup files
  • SQL server application dir
  • Quorum cluster drive (if clustering is being used)
  • C:\Windows\Cluster (if clustering is being used)

Web Server

  • Program Files\IDX Systems Corporation (dir)
  • Program Files\Allscripts Healthcare Solutions (dir)

Scan Server

  • Application folder (usually C:\Program Files\AllScripts\TouchChart, where Scan clients would point to on the Scan server)
  • Active image warehouse locations

Dictation Interface

  • Incoming dictation folder (This was a reported issue with McAfee but others might have the same problem. This should also not matter when using Winscribe)