Assign Workplace Menus to Users

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What is a Workplace?

A workplace is assigned to a user and controls which menus display on the vertical and horizontal toolbars within the EHR. Preconfigured workplaces are delivered such as TWProvider and TWNurse. Please remember if an organization chooses to use these workplaces and make changes to them, the workplace will reset to the original setup when an organization takes hotfixes. If making changes to these workplaces, it is recommended to create net new workplaces with the menus the organization would like to use.

Workplace menus can be reassigned to users via SSMT using the User/Provider SSMT load. Below are instructions for assigning Workplace menus to Users via TWAdmin

Assigning Workplace Menus to Users

  • Step 1 Login as TWAdmin
  • Step 2 Click on Twuseradmin
  • Step 3 Use the search function to locate user
  • Step 4 Scroll down to workplaces section
  • Step 5 Click on Edit Workspaces


  • Step 6 System WorkPlace Menus are displayed.


If the menus are looking for are not present and you want to get more choices:


  • Step 7 Click on the elipsis Search for the menu you want to assign
  • Click on the hyperlink of the menu


  • Step 8 Menu will insert for this user > Click Save

Workplace menu has been saved prompt box will display

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