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From the Application Design and Behavior Resource (11.1.7):

  • Break Glass is a security code that allows users to override document viewing security.

Whenever secured data is present in the patient chart, users who belong to a classification that contains the Break Glass security code will see the Break Glass button on the Patient Banner. Users who have the security code to view the documents are unaware of any viewing security applied to that patients data.

For example, if you have an "infectious disease" (such as HIV) or "OcMed" (Occupational Medicine) document security attached to Notes in the patient chart:

  • Users (most likely Providers) who have one of those security types in their user setup will NOT need to use “Break Glass” to view those items in the chart.
  • Users who have “Break Glass” in their user setup will have the option to ‘Break Glass’ and view all secure documents (audit trail created).
  • Users who do not have either will not be able to view secure documents.

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