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  • Type = Pulls from document type dictionary (required)
  • Group = Group that needs access to the note definition (required)
  • Description = Description of the note definition
  • Display All/Hide All = Pertaining to the table of contents to show the note sections or hide them
    • Display = Show only the selected note section
    • Hide = Hide only the selected note section
    • Default Action = None or options change depending upon which note section is being referenced
    • Auto Citation = When checked will automatically cite data for the last X number of days as it pertains to selected note section (e.g. allergies)
    • Dictation Marker = When checked, automatically inserts a dictation marker in selected note section.
    • Text Template = When checked, allows a text template to be defaulted in. Note that end users can also manually insert text templates from the user side.
    • M-Template = When checked allows an M-Template to be defaulted in. Note that the end users can search/use other M-Templates from the user side.
    • If no entries to cite = When checked, inserts a citation message into the body of the note when there are no entries to auto-cite such as allergies, meds, active problems etc...
    • Append date and time to message = Referring to the citation. Will add the date and time the citation message was added to the note.
    • Rename Miscellaneous Section = Allows miscellaneous sections to be renamed.
  • Guideline = 1997 or 1995 pertains to the E/M guidelines
  • Exam Type = Pertaining to a body system
  • Setting = The type of setting the service was provided in (e.g. outpatient, hospital)
  • Service = The type of visit (e.g. outpatient, health maintenance)
  • Active = When checked, the note template is available for use. Inactive when not checked.