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  • Go To - When clicked, takes a user to the location associated with the task type (e.g. Go To Note)
  • In Progress - When clicked, marks the task as "in progress" so that other users know its being worked
  • Done - Indicates the user is done with the task and removes from the associated task list
  • Undelegate - Tasks can be delegated, which means they don't show up in "My Active Tasks", this button removes that delegation
  • New - Used to start a new task
  • Reply - Used to reply to an existing task
  • Reassign - Used to remove a task from one bucket and place it in another bucket or box (e.g. send to a different user or team)
  • Remove - Takes the task off all active task lists. Note that when removing a task, a remove reason must be entered.
  • Copy To Note - Allows task details to be copied to a note. This can be done manually or predefined by task type.
  • Original - Displays details for the original task. Only available when the selected task is a "notify" task.
  • Details - Allows a user to view all details associated with a specific task
  • Print List - Allows a user to print the task list including all details, all comments or last comment
  • Print Task - Allows a user to print only a select task