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Specialty: Cardiology

Description: Cardiology specializes (Specialty) in disorders of the cardiovascular system and its diseases. The field is commonly divided into sub-disciplines dealing with congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease and electrophysiology.

Known Issues:

1. Large charts

  A. Extensive medical history.
  B. Takes a while to abstract (port from paper chart) compared to other specialties.
  C. Time allowed for preparation for patient visits is much longer due to magnitude 
     of information needed by provider.

2. EKG Results (often come in as a scanned image)

  A. Some cardiologists have argued scanned EKGs are not accurate enough.  Luckily, the majority agree that after taking advantage 
      of the scanner resolution options, the EKGs are clinically accurate.

3. Coumadin dosage (preventing Thrombosis)

  A. Patient's INR (International normalized ratio) is closely watched via blood testing and flowing.
  B. INR level suggests patient's coagulation (healthy = 1.0).
  C. Special attention to reporting/flowing/alerts related to this might be needed.


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