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Webcast Overview

This webcast will detail CareGuide functionality, configuration and maintenance within the Allscripts Enterprise EHR.


Question: Can Providers Create their own CareGuides?

Answer: The delivered CareGuides can be personalized, however a custom careguide cannot be created from scratch. There are 2 places providers can update their Personal Templates: Providers can save a CareGuide as a Personal Template from within the ACI. Providers can access their personal templates and make changes from within the Phys Admin workplace by clicking on “By Module” and then clicking on “Base”. The edits made to the CareGuide will only affect the provider’s Personal Templates NOT the Enterprise Templates. A provider’s personal templates can be edited support analysts through TWAdmin/CareGuide Admin/Personal.

Question: If a medication is discontinued, will it be automatically removed from our CareGuides?

Answer: No, this must be done manually and it is a recommended to have a practice in place for this scenario to notify providers and have them clean up any personal templates.




View/download 12/2013 webcast here

Additional Information

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