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Users are individuals that utilize Touchworks. A User can be any individual working in the healthcare setting. Individual User settings can be managed in TWAdmin by the system administrator. There is a link on the front end of the system where Users can set some of their preferences individually.

There are three types of users in Enterprise.

1. Users: Assigned to individuals who need access to certain parts of the system but don't see patients and don't need a schedule. These users are not linked to the Practice Management System (PMS). Typically used for Front Desk and Medical Records roles.

2. Providers Assigned to individuals who need a viewable schedule but do not need their own access into the system. This role is generally used for providers who have not yet gone live. Other users can see their schedule but they cannot to log into the system. These users are typically bulk loaded into the system. This classification of user can also be used to set up schedules for pieces of equipment or rooms. For example, if a practice is holding an off site flu clinic, they could create a "provider" called Clinic, Flu, and the schedule for the flu clinic is then available for users to access in the system.

3. User/Providers Assigned to providers who need both access to the system and also certain properties not associated with the "User" role. User/Providers have schedules and can be designated as "billable". They can also have the ability to prescribe, order, dictate, and access Physician Homebase. They are typically linked with the PMS.