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Usually this has to do with a user getting married and wanting to change their username.

The below instructions are for EEHR v10.


  1. In SA change the users Name to what you will want it to be.
  2. In SA change the Mnemonic to what you want it to be.
  3. Log into TWAdmin and delete user.
  4. Create a new user making sure that they are setup as USER and NOT USER/PROVIDER.
  5. Notify Technical Support of the username that you deleted AND the username that you created.

The technical support rep will need to perform the following:

  1. Pull Old ID with the following: Select * from IDX_User where ausername Like '%OldUserName'.
  2. Pull New ID with the following: Select * from IDX_User where ausername Like 'NewUserName'.

Then Run the following to update the links:

Update IDX_User set IsinactiveFlag = 'Y' where ID = NewID. Update IDX_User set ausername = 'zzztgodwin' where ID = NewID. Update Person set IsInactiveFlag = 'Y' where ID = NewID. Update IDX_User set Ausername = 'tgodwin' where ID = OldID. Update IDX_User set IsinactiveFLAG = 'N' where ID = OldID.

NOTE: NewID and OldID are numeric "ID" fields that link Person and IDX_User, not the Old/New UserID. zzztogowin is the rename of the 'old' userid. togodwin is the new username.

(NOTE the user will have to re-select their site when logging in.)


  1. Verify that the user now shows in TWAdmin as User/Provider.
  2. Verify that you can log in the user and see the schedule, tasks search patients.