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You would like to change the logo on the log-in page, usually to be the logo of that client.


The log-in page logo is defined as a Document under Admin. You will need to update this document's URL.

  1. Log in with a user that has access to edit Framework Documents (e.g., one with access to the Admin VTB).
  2. Look up and open the document with ID: TWCustomerImage. Click on the Edit tab.
  3. Change the URL to the location of the image that contains the logo.
    • Most use the default location for the logo: TouchWorks Web\Works\Common\Graphics usually in (C:\Program Files\Allscripts Healthcare Solutions\TouchWorks Web\Works\Common\Graphics).
    • The URL is relative to IIS. You can't put in C:\some directory\log.jpg
    • The logo should be sized to 150x50 to stay in proportion.
    • Most use GIFs or JPGs, though several other formats that IE can interpret should work just fine - test first.
    • If you use the default folder (see above), your new URL will look like: /TouchWorks/Common/Graphics/Client_Logo.JPG

Clients with a web farm often like to have the logo reflect which web server you are on. To do this, you will start with the logo as you'd like it, then create a version for each web server - just put a 1, 2, etc somewhere on the logo in a discreet location. The name of the images will have to be the same on each server, though they will differ by having a number in, say, the top-right corner.

To change the VTB logo, see: Change the VTB Logo.