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You would like to change the logo on the logo page - usually to be the logo of that client.


The Login Page Logo is defined as a Document under Admin. You will need to update this document's URL. 1) Login with a user that has access to edit Framework Documents (e.g. one with access to the Admin VTB).
2) Lookup and open the document with ID: TWCustomerImage. Click on the Edit tab.
3) Change the url to the location of the image that contains the logo.
     i) Most use the default location for the logo: TouchWorks Web\Works\Common\Graphics usually in (C:\Program Files\Allscripts Healthcare Solutions\TouchWorks Web\Works\Common\Graphics).
     ii) The URL is relative to IIS. You can't put in C:\some directory\log.jpg
     iii) The logo should be sized to 150x50 to stay in proportion.
     iv)Most use GIFs or JPGs, though several other formats that IE can interpret should work just fine - test first.
     v) If you use the default folder (see above), your new URL will look like: /TouchWorks/Common/Graphics/Client_Logo.JPG

Clients with a web farm often like to have the logo reflect which web server you are on. To do this, you will start with the logo as you'd like it, then create a version for each web server - just put a 1, 2, etc somewhere on the logo in a discreet location. The name of the images will have to be the same on each server, though they will differ by having a number in, say, the top-right corner.