Change to Enable -clinical item- Verification

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Prior to 11.1.6 the .NET preferences 'Enable -clinical item- verification' meant to require verification for all clinical items of the given type entered by a user who was not also a provider.

The 3 preferences are:

  • Enable Allergy Verification
  • Enable Rx-Orders Verification
  • Enable Problem Verification

An enhancement in 11.1.6 changed the meaning entirely. If you set it to 'Y' for the enterprise it requires verification for all items of the given type entered by any User OR User/Provider not explicitly exempted by having his/her user level pref for this set to 'N'. Unfortunately, before 11.1.6, clients who wanted to use this capability set it to 'Y' for the enterprise, and that was the end of it. When they upgraded to 11.1.6, all items were entered as unverified by all Users and User/Providers. This also removes the ability for a Provider to right click and Verify the item to be correct for the patient.

Our recommendation is to set these preferences to 'N' for the enterprise and all of its groups, and to set it to 'Y' for anyone to whom it should apply.

Organizations upgrading from releases prior to 11.1.6 should take this change into account when upgrading.