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Q: How does the Free Text Referring Physician field work within the Encounter?

A: When a provider selects a consult code and they are unable to find the referring physician they can type in the search box, click the "misc" button and click "ok". This adds what the provider entered in the search box as a free text referring physician. When the provider submits the charge a "Mng Chg Edits" task is created for the Charge Edits Team. When the Charge Edits team opens the task it takes them to the encounter where there is the red frowny face that tells them there is a free text referring physician. They then research and add the referring physician in Practice Management System if necessary, then go into the EHR and select the now selectable referrring physician and click submit.

  • Please note this is an Enterprise Preference and can be set under the Charge Admin tab. Many organizations choose to set this preference to NO due to billing issues that may arise if the correct referring provider is not indicated on the encounter.

Q: When the front desk arrives an appointment in error, then subsequently cancels the same appointment in the Practice Management system, what happens to the "Submit Enc Form" task?

A: Once the appointment is cancelled in the Practice Management system the task should resolve itself.