Charge Test Plans

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Below is a list of test plans you will want to write, using your workflows as a foundation.

  • Interface testing - when charges are submitted from EHR do they go through the interface and populate fields in the practice management system? Create a test plan that includes how each transaction goes through the interface. Test each field required to submit a claim.
  • Office Charges - charges that occur druing an office visit; include testing if your organization has the diagnosis populating from the assessed section of your note.
  • Patient List - when charges are entered on patients that are an inpatient status and are not on a surgery schedule. Does a task create when no charges are entered? Do all preference settings realize the result you are seeking?
  • Surgery Charges - does your organization queue up the charges for the provider? Test resequencing the charges by RVU order; does the sequency of diagnosis code match?
  • Charges Reviewed - does your organization utilize the feature of requiring the charges be reviewed prior to submission to the practice management system? If so then include this in your test plans.
  • Cancel Surgery - if your organization queues up the charges for the provider, test removing the charge codes and replace with an internal n/c code. Does it clear the encounter?
  • Add local patients - once a provider adds a local patient and submits the charge, are the appropriate tasks generated by the system? Once the patient is merged does the charge release to the practice management system?
  • Test charge related tasks.
  • Test each scenario when an encounter is modified.
  • Discount applied - does the expected behavior occur?
  • Additional Info - test each additional info field to ensure they meet the expectations and needs of your organizaton.