Chart Alerts

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Chart Alerts are patient warnings/notes which are shown prominently below the button bar in the Clinical Desktop.


Determine if your organization wants to limit chart alerts to a predefined set, or allow users to add chart alerts ad hoc.

It is important to consider if patients see the electronic records during their visit.

Using Ad Hoc Chart Alerts

1. Open Patient Profile Dialog (information button in Clinical Desktop)

WB ChartAlerts 2.jpg

2. Under Chart Alerts, Click Add Alert

WB ChartAlerts 3.jpg

3. Type Ad Hoc Alert, click Add

WB ChartAlerts 4.jpg

4. Click OK

Chart Alert: Security Gates

There are two Security Gates associated with Chart Alerts:

  1. Chart-Alert-View - Allow/disallow viewing of Chart Alerts on the Clinical Toolbar
  2. Chart-Alert-Edit - Allow/disallow creating of ad-hoc Chart Alerts on the Clinical Toolbar

The ability to edit the list of predefined chart alerts in the Chart Alert dictionary is limited to Admin users.

Adding/Editing Standardized Chart Alerts

Standardized Chart Alerts can be added/edited using the Chart Alert dictionary within the TWAdmin workspace. The resulting items show up in Add/Edit PatientChart Alerts under Available Items.


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